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The Pacific Alliance is an initiative of regional integration founded by the countries of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, officially established on April 28th, 2011. Its main objective is to build a participatory and consensual way of deep integration to move progressively towards the free movement of goods, services, resources and people between its members. The vision of the Alliance is to foster growth, development and competitiveness of its members on a global perspective, contributing to an economic rise with social inclusion.


The current investment methodology created by AV will allow the fund to diagnose such traits and invest in innovative and high-growth potential businesses to scale them up in the members of the Pacific Alliance. This will be achieved through three different approaches: In consequence, the fund sees the Pacific Alliance as a single “geographical location” which helps create a portfolio of startups competing in the entire region, increasing the possibilities of successful exit strategies with a bigger footprint, and consequently, yielding greater profits for investors.


Deal-flow: AV has established a far-reaching network of relationships in Latin America and outside the region, and has developed long-term partnerships with top organizations (such as Endeavor, Bavaria National Angel Network, Start-up Mexico, Start-up Chile, NXTP Labs, 500 Startups, MassChallenge Mexico, New Ventures, Chile Global Angels, and Wayra Global, amongst others), and family offices. The fund’s deal-flow comes through active in-house originating efforts (attendance to industry events, online application, etc.), and well-renowned professionals and advisors. To the extent

As part of the AV Pacific Alliance Fund II, AVC launched a physical office in Bogotá, Colombia in 2018. This initiative aims to increase AV’s presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia and strenghthen operational capacity in order to identify, evaluate and invest in more early stage companies in the Pacific Alliance region. The AVC office has received support from past allies such as the Fundación Bolivar Davivienda, and INNpulsa.


Additionally, AVC will receive support from newly established allies including BANCOLDEX (the Colombian Government’s Development Bank) and Cali’s Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being promoted and supported by the mentioned allies, AVC´s day-today business activities are carried out by a specialized staff dedicated to identifying and analyzing investment prospects for the AV Pacific Alliance Fund II and the AV Network. The Director and analysts have been responsible for identifying, educating and recruiting new potential investors for AV’s Fund and/or angel network.

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