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We are Angel Venture’s
US Latin Fund.

We invest in and partner with the most talented US Latinx founders to build wildly profitable and enduring companies. 


We are business operators, entrepreneurs, community builders, and business developers with experience in both the United States and Latin America. We understand the challenges and opportunities these markets face.


We utilize our experience to guide founders on their entrepreneurial journey. We walk together with our founders to help them avoid pitfalls and conquer tough challenges. We recognize that this is more than an occupation and we address founders as whole humans. 


There is much at stake and we are dedicated partners. Together, we build the foundation for the future of the US and Latin America.


We are industry agnostic, early stage, Latinx-led or solving Latinx problems in the US market that can benefit from nearshoring. 


Strong interest in companies that are solving big needs related to the shift from Globalization to Regionalization by proving technology solutions to verticals like:

Investment Thesis

Logistics & Supply chain
B2B SaaS
HR Tech

We Invest initial checks between $250K to $1M and in some cases follow-ons to later rounds. We prefer companies that have an initial customer and are earning revenue, but there are always exceptions. 

Born in 2008, Angel Ventures is one of the leading VC firms in Latin America. Over time, Angel Ventures evolved to launch two previous funds totalling over $120M AUM, 76 investments, 10 exits, 3 IPOs, and 2 Unicorns.


During that time, 25% of those investments were organically Latinx founders in the US solving Latinx problems. Latinx problems, as we discovered, transcend borders. The opportunity to expand our impact on US Latinx and build closer bridges between Latin America and the US was clear. 


For Fund III, we built a stand alone fund in the US for Latinx founders.

Featured Investments

Marcelo de la Garza
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Elisa Sepúlveda
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