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Angel Ventures is a renowned organization that has established itself as a leader in fostering innovation and connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the global market. With a diverse range of services, Angel Ventures supports various initiatives that enable entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive and succeed. 

Colleagues Working Together

Fund Launch

We assist governments and private companies in launching their own fund. Through our comprehensive toolkits, we provide operational teams with the knowledge and guidance necessary to effectively run the fund. Our toolkits cover essential aspects such as market research, fund thesis, operations, committee formation, legal and tax considerations, and more. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we empower organizations to establish successful funds and navigate the intricacies of fund management with confidence.


Our softlanding services aim to assist companies in exploring the Mexican market. We provide robust support to startups, including fundraising assistance and workshops on essential aspects like company incorporation in Mexico. Our program focuses on facilitating business meetings between selected startups and Mexican corporations, fostering valuable connections and potential partnerships. By leveraging our network and knowledge of the Mexican market, we enable startups to navigate the market effectively and seize growth opportunities in Mexico.

Open Innovation

Open innovation services aim to team up with corporations, assisting them in finding the most suitable technology startups that can address their day-to-day challenges. With our extensive experience in the field, we have built a vast network of startups, allowing us to connect corporations with a diverse range of innovative solutions all across Latam.  We enable corporations to tap into the startup ecosystem and access cutting-edge technologies that can drive their growth and enhance their operations.


We provide acceleration programs that leverage our unique methodology to assist governments and corporations in creating cutting-edge programs. Our comprehensive programs cover a wide range of essential aspects, including business plan development, market validation, UX/UI design, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, and more. By incorporating these key elements, we help startups refine their strategies, validate their market potential, and develop high-quality products or services. 


Angel Ventures offers an extensive range of workshops tailored to the startup ecosystem. We cover various critical areas, empowering participants with valuable knowledge and skills. Whether you are a future investor looking to invest in technology startups or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to create a solid business plan, we have workshops designed specifically for you.

Our workshops encompass a wide array of topics, including pitch training, fund raising training and many more.

Taylor-made program

With over 15 years of experience in the VC ecosystem, Angel Ventures has the expertise to assist  in developing a customized program. Our knowledge and deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape enable us to provide valuable insights, guidance, and support in any specific area you require.

Whether you need assistance in program development for  incubation, investor education, ecosystem building, or any other aspect of entrepreneurship, our seasoned team can tailor a program to meet your unique needs.


Corporations that trust us

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