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AVM Fund I LP has continued to grow and develop. This year, the fund began the de-investment process, which has a 5-year time limit. More than 80% of the fund’s portfolio companies have remained active throughout the previous year. These companies have continued to develop and raise more capital prior to a potential exit in the coming years.

Thanks to this success, the list of co-investors has not stopped growing; this year, as the following table shows, many of our portfolio companies added new shareholders. All of this has been possible thanks to the fund’s extensive network of strategic partners and its proactive approach to investment, which has enabled the fund to access local and international opportunities before other firms.


AV´s Co-investment Fund started as an initiative to help close the persistent capital gap between investors and talented entrepreneurs. The approach focused on innovative companies with solid management teams that solved real problems in the market and had the potential to easily scale and replicate.


The investment strategy of AV Fund I LP, consisted of leveraging expertise, industry knowledge, and our network of angel investors, based on pre-established guidelines in order to outline the effect of the strategy throughout the three stages of investment: initial investment, growth, and sale or exit. Target companies ranged from startups to ongoing businesses with a strong innovation component, in a variety of sectors: ICTs / Media, Health / Biotechnology, Retail / Consumer Goods, Agrobusiness / Base of the Pyramid Services, Fintech.

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