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According to CNN Expansión, almost 85% of companies that go through an incubation process are still in operation three years following their establishment. As a result, we recognize the importance of providing a successful incubation process. AV’S business incubator, Archetype, is the firm’s newest business unit. AV launched its pilot program in 2012. Once demonstrating a successful pilot program, Archetype received funding from the Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor (INADEM) and the Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico del Distrito Federal (SEDECO) to continue operations. Since 2013, Archetype has been recognized as one of the 39 high-impact incubators in Mexico City. A high-impact project is innovative and technological in its space, able to generate macroeconomic effects within its region of operation -such as job creation- and is led by a high-impact entrepreneur. High impact entrepreneurs are dedicated to developing their project and inspiring others to pursue innovative ideas as well.

Guadalajara’s office has held 5 generations of incubation and acceleration programs. A total of 66 startups have been benefited, of which almost 80% continue to operate. These programs have had the support of INADEM, SEDECO, as well as various sponsors and local allies. By improving its business model, preparing for Due Diligence, creating a financial model with valuation, and linking them with potential investors, more than 1 in 4 participating companies has managed to raise capital.


Archetype’s first generation in 2013 consisted of 23 companies and was partially funded by INADEM and SEDECO respectively. Without the funds of these government agencies, Archetype would not have been possible. Our first generation was a success with 1 in 5 projects raising capital. In addition, close to half (48%) of the incubated projects were invoicing clients upon completing the incubation process and over 25% of projects were led by entrepreneurs under the age of 25. As for the second and third generations of Archetype, 83 companies following the same outline of governmental support and similar achievement rate integrated it. Within its ranks were a diverse number of sectors all of which were aligned with those determined by SEDECO as strategic, achieving the regional job, product/ service growth that this project seeked. Some of the companies we incubated are:

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